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kitchen redesign in-home consultation Flagstaff AZ

Kitchen Redesign

When you want to spice up your old kitchen or redesign the kitchen in the new home you just bought, Beautique Home offers a collection of services and knowledge to help you make your choices. Our consultants know how to bring a change of atmospheres and new life to your kitchen and without hurting your budget. We can even start a new floor plan from scratch if you don’t want to use your existing layout.

Before we begin installing your new kitchen, we prefer to talk time to ask about your design taste, your lifestyle, and what makes you unique. This way, we can tailor the designs to your qualities and make it stand out. If you don’t cook a great deal, it might be better to install a smaller refrigerator and focus on the tablespace. Any change in lifestyle, like downsizing or expecting a large family, can impact design choices. Discussing budgets and addressing any concerns or questions is equally important. Keeping you informed on appliances, estimates, and even just color splotches can give you the confidence to make these changes to your home. Beautique Home professionals also help with the technical details, like spacing and appropriate sizes. Where to install the dishwasher if you’re right or left handed is a detail we’d take the time to contemplate to bring you maximum comfort. Even the best height of counters and stools or chairs needs to be analyzed to ensure that you and your guest or family are comfortable, and knowing how many people will be using the kitchen regularly is important to our design process.

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We take into consideration the size of the space, the natural and artificial lighting, the condition of the building, and how the kitchen is adjoined to the other rooms. The square footage dictates if new components, like an island, can be installed or if some of the design options need to be trimmed. Taking into account the infrastructure is most certainly something our consultants are aware of. Electrical and plumbing lines shouldn’t be disturbed unless it’s necessary, as it could add to extra costs. We also take into account the type of work triangle that makes up your kitchen, as this plays a major role in what is the most important or most used space.

Small things like changing your cabinets can give you a new theme or even modify the how spacious your kitchen may feel. Bringing in new tiles of floorboards can help you clean up if a cooking mess occurs while adding a feel of freshness to an old kitchen. Countertops will provide a sturdier cooking surface and will add to the new design layout. Having a staff to help with the procedural details can help take the stress off of making these decisions, leaving you to enjoy the creative process! And if you have a theme or an idea that you’d like to use, but aren’t quite sure how to implement it, we can guide you through that, too.

If you are considering redesigning your kitchen, give us a call at 828-606-1888 to talk to our professional staff! We enjoy providing quality work and taking the time to help you create your best home!



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