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bathroom redesign in-home consultation Flagstaff AZ

Commercial Interior Design

If you want to mix things up in the design of your bathroom, Beautique Home has so many options for you! From safety focused designs to luxurious comfort, we can help you redesign the bathroom of your dreams! We combine our experience and knowledge with your personal tastes and design to create a layout that can fit nicely into your budget.

If you’re a new business owner in Flagstaff, Arizona your first thought is likely getting everything set up. Paying the first month’s rent for your space, setting up utilities, getting your employees trained. Then you pause to look around your coffee shop, beauty parlor, restaurant, or store and you realize it’s empty. Your vision isn’t complete yet. That’s when you call Beautique Home. Our interior design experts are available to help you realize your business’ potential, and our full-service firm can help you make your design dreams a reality.

Commercial Interior Design Flagstaff

Commercial interior design matters at least as much residential interior design. The elements of color, decor, geometry, and layout all come together to give your patrons either a favorable or unfavorable impression of your establishment. Businesses thrive on the pleasure of their customers; if you’re running a business serves customers in-house, you won’t want them walking into a disheveled space.

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We Design Your Unique Business


Book Stores

When opening a coffee shop and bookstore, you want to create a cozy environment with inviting elements. At Beautique Home, we can help you decide on the color schemes and furnishings that will encourage your customers to make your business their go-to for relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea.

Apparel Outlets

If you have a retail store, where you offer products like clothing or sports gear, you’ll need to integrate several display options. However, depending on your clientele, you may not want the standard display options like those found in big box stores. Selecting the correct display racks can make your store seem more luxurious and high-end without customers even noticing it. Having a color-coordinated store can also add a touch of elegance. Moreover, organizing your inventory by season is extremely customer friendly, since it enables customers and clients to easily find what they’re looking for.

Jewelry Stores

Jewelry displays matter, as well. Finding a tasteful and elegant glass display can be the difference between a purchase and a walk-by. Here at Beautique Home, we have professional and courteous designers that will sit down with you and help you decide what decor will best attract your desired clientele.

Much More

From restaurants and shopping malls to offices and professional agencies, Beautique Home has your Flagstaff, AZ business covered. We have a strong portfolio of successful designs, so you can peruse our work and decide what design feeling and level of service best matches your company’s budget.

Every business has different needs when it comes to interior design. Whether it be the functional yet appealing open kitchen of a restaurant, the cozy atmosphere of a bookshop, or the upscale ambiance of a jewelry store, Beautique Homes can help you make sure you’re exceeding your customers’ expectations. We are here for you and your Northern Arizona business, and are eager to put our creativity, passion, and proven record of success to work for you. Call Beautique Home at (828) 606-1888 today to learn more about what we do and for your custom-tailored interior design expert consultation.



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