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If you want to mix things up in the design of your bathroom, Beautique Home has so many options for you! From safety focused designs to luxurious comfort, we can help you redesign the bathroom of your dreams! We combine our experience and knowledge with your personal tastes and design to create a layout that can fit nicely into your budget.

Small things like changing your cabinets can give you a new theme or even modify the how spacious your kitchen may feel. Bringing in new tiles of floorboards can help you clean up if a cooking mess occurs while adding a feel of freshness to an old kitchen. Countertops will provide a sturdier cooking surface and will add to the new design layout.

Nature and the composition of furniture in your home, office, or recreational space influences our emotions. Therefore, having a beautiful design is essential to leading a happy and fulfilling life. Professional interior designers can achieve these needs, and with a designer’s touch, an otherwise drab area of space can come alive in unexpected ways.

For many, moving into a new home is bliss. It doesn’t matter why you left your former home, a new home would always sound exciting as long as it is an upgrade. This is particularly true for people moving into their dream homes.

If you are looking to build a certified sustainable home, we have the knowledge and skill base to help you understand the necessary guidelines for green building and design. We have participated in multiple sustainable building projects and guide our clients in selecting eco-friendly materials and furnishings.

Design is more meaningful today than it has ever been. In today’s world, all design should be sustainable – not just in terms of environmental impact, but on how buildings and people use the finite resources available on our planet. We should recognize the long-term impact of our built environment, not just as an example to others, but on future generations.

Builders and Architects

At Beautique Home, we will work closely with you from the first steps of drafting a home for your client to completion, ensuring that the interior design and architectural design are harmonious and achieve the client’s goals. We partner with builders and architects for new projects, remodels, and additions with a specialty in incorporating sustainable practices and materials into our projects.


Whether you are looking to freshen up your home with a remodel or addition or build a new home, we create spaces that will function perfectly for you making them beyond beautiful. We hand select all finishes for each space and understand how to stay within your budget. By providing detailed drawings and specification lists, you will be able to see the entire space unfold before your eyes. We look forward to the opportunity to help you create your dream space.

Additional Services

Residential and Commercial

Project management
New construction
Interior & exterior architectural details


Window treatments
Lighting plans and selections
Custom cabinet design
Personalized tile design & selection
Plumbing selections
Furniture design and ordering
Fabric selections and ordering
Color planning and selection
Faux finishing
Space planning


Material selections
Color planning
Space planning
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