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Interior Design and Sustainability

Interior design has never been more affordable or sustainable. At Beautique Home, we take both interior designing and green design efforts seriously. This means gorgeously revamped rooms that also reduce your carbon footprint in the world. Our professional interior designers have some environmental sustainability and interior designing tips if you are considering re-creating your home into something a little more you.

Clear Up Space

If you are looking into only revamping one room in your home, be sure to remove excess items and keep only the essentials in each room. This means you can be ready to redecorate when the time comes, and it also helps tie your home together as neater spaces are much more eye-catching even if they haven’t been fully revamped. A little can go a long way in redesigning your home.

Move Furniture Inwards

A good living room needs a comfortable place to sit, a place to rest your drink or a place to have a discussion with a friend or relative. It is a place of conversations, celebrations, and tying families together. Yet people often design their rooms to the “school-dance” arrangement where everything is pushed back against the walls. This ends up making the room feel strict and empty.

Our professional suggestion is to move the furniture closer together, toward the center of the room.Then fill out the rest of the room with carefully placed chairs and tables to create functional seating areas. These changes make living rooms function for what they were intended for; engaging in conversations and relaxing comfortably. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, our Beautique Home interior designers are made for this type of planning. We can help you actualize where to place your pieces for the perfect look.

Lighting Makes All The Difference

At Beautique Home, we consider lighting as one of the most important pieces of your rooms look. Not only do we think of lighting as lamps, or light fixtures but also natural light. Sun shining in during the morning hours and lighting in the evening and night will completely transform the way your room looks. Wall colors like dusty yellow can look fresh and clean in the morning, and rich gold in the evening.

Light from lamps and fixtures is equally as important. Adding dimming lights instead of bright whites can change the atmosphere of your rooms from looking hospital sterile to a cozy, luxurious resting place. If you are unsure about what colors would look right or just how to create that perfect lighting in your home, our team of interior designers knows just the right atmosphere that would work for every living space.

Lower Your Artwork

While this tip is an odd one, it is ultimately extremely helpful. Artwork pieces should be placed at eye level for easy visibility, but many people place them up high and can make them more difficult to view and appreciate. Beautique Homes well-trained team can help you with other tips to get your home looking as chic and comfortable as possible.

When contemplating changing up your house, it’s also important in this day and age to think about green, eco-friendly designing. By reducing the amount of energy needed for heating, lighting, running appliances through learning and implementing greed designing techniques, you can save a lot of money. Not only will you be saving, but most importantly, you will be creating a healthy environment inside and outside of your home. Some tips for energy efficiency can be extremely simple, and we keep various factors in mind as we design your home.

Add Drapes Or Carpets For Heating or Cooling Efficiency

While drapes come in many different designs and customizations to create a beautiful look, they also keep cold air or sun’s heat outside. Heat escapes through windows, and cold air creeps in. With drapes, you can keep the perfect temperature in your home and save on heating or cooling costs. Carpets can also help with this as well, as they are excellent insulators, holding up to almost 10% of a room’s heat.

Improve Natural Light In Your Home

Painting walls with lighter and brighter colors reduce the need to turn on lights inside because they reflect light into a room instead of soaking it up. Darker colors have the opposite effect, soaking up a lot of natural light and usually needing electrical lighting much more than light colors. Not only can you lighten your rooms to bring in a more illuminating feel, you can also use reflective surfaces to move the natural light around a room. Having reflective coffee tables, for example, can aid in distributing the light into corners of the room the light otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

Renewable or Organic Materials

it’s very important to pick materials and products with the lowest environmental impact. Organic materials like wood, wool, and natural stone seem to be the obvious choice, but we must remember that natural resources need to be treated responsibly. Choosing materials that are quickly renewable, such as fast-growing bamboo, extracted in an environmentally responsible way is also a great option for materials in your home.

There is also the ever more popular idea if recycling, upcycling, and repurposing. Redesigning old-fashioned but perfectly functional pieces to give them new life and a room a new twist saves money and also protects our environment by not throwing away what isn’t wanted. You can also opt for synthetic materials that were made from recycled waste or can be renewed or recycled at the end of their life cycle  for beautiful designs that help save the environment around us.

Call Beautique Home To Get The Design You Want

There are many other tips that can optimize the look of your home and create a sustainable environment for many years to come. Beautique Homes interior designers would love to share more with you and help you plan for the perfect look. With our well-trained team ready to guide you, making your dreams a reality is only a phone call away. We look forward to providing more insight and helping you craft the perfect home with the smallest carbon footprint we can make.



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