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Kitchen Design in Spokane Washington

Kitchen Design in Spokane Washington

Designing your kitchen is an important undertaking. It’s the place in the home where friends and family gather to talk and cook together, and where new recipes are shared and the old are adored. Beautique Home is happy to offer kitchen design services to Spokane to help you create the perfect space for friends, family, and yourself.

There are many different parts of a kitchen that needs to be considered. A pantry shouldn’t be placed too far away in order to allow you easy access when carrying items. If your kitchen is placed near front or back doors, consider the benefits of adding a mudroom. Appliances and their locations also need time to be considered. Our consultants can advise you on the formation, called a work triangle, would better suit your needs.

There are five different work triangles that our designers recommend depending on the layout of the home. The L-shape is along two adjacent walls with running cabinets and is ideal for large groups of busy people. A galley kitchen uses two parallel walls that hold the cabinets and frame the kitchen. It’s a very helpful format for a very busy kitchen and many workstations. A U-shaped kitchen uses three walls the create the boundaries of the kitchen and allows for spaced-out workstations and appliances. A similar layout to the U-shape is the G-shape, which uses the three walls, but also has a peninsula for additional counter space of a bar. This type of work triangle is a great option for a home that is expecting many cooks. Finally, the single wall kitchen is a format that fits the name perfectly. The appliances and counters are lined up on one wall to avoid taking up extra space when in a small home.

interior design Spokane Washington

With all of these different options, having a consultant can help take the stress off of finding the right choice. Our staff wants to ensure that you can be comfortable and enjoy your new kitchen, so making the best choice to help you is one of our many services. When it comes to appliances, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the various companies and latest gadgets. Thankfully, we can help you sort out the best fit for you and the best fit for your home. The refrigerator height and width needs to be accounted for, as well as the sink and cabinet size. Cabinet doors should not encroach on the refrigerator when opened. Even the length of the counters on either side of the sink needs to be measured out. This makes sure that there is room for collecting used dishes on one side, and a drying area on the other, while still have room for food preparation.

With all of this technical information and set up, we understand how it can be overwhelming while you just want to create a comfortable, welcoming space. So our staff at Beautique Home can help handle these details! You can have the freedom to find what suits your taste. If you find yourself stumped on what would match best, we can help with that as well. If you’d like to set up a consultation or discuss your options, call Beautique Home for more details at 828-606-1888!



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