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Sustainable Building in Spokane Washington

Interior Design in Spokane Washington

Do you save pictures of stunning living rooms and kitchens to your Pinterest board, read design magazines, or television shows where homes are completely remodeled? If so, it might be time for an interior design change.

The problem is, for many homeowners and renters, you may have a vision of your dream home, it’s just a bit hazy. You either can’t pinpoint the exact thing you love about the rooms in the pictures, or there are just too many things you love. Country chic, Parisian, minimalist, modern, west coast, Scandinavian- it can be impossible to choose between all of these amazing looks.

That’s where we come in. At Beautiques Homes, we have years of experience and expertise to help you narrow down your look and create something distinctly you. Our team will work closely with you from the first steps of drafting a home to completion. Our interior designers and architects are here to work in harmonious balance to achieve a mutual goal and within the right budget. Hiring a professional interior designer from Beautique Home has many benefits, including:

interior design Spokane Washington

Save Money

An interior decorator can help you avoid costly mistakes and increase the value of your home in the long run. Never again will you attempt an accent wall that falls flat, or put in new tilling only to discover it clashes with the countertops. Our interior decorators are trained to ensure that designs complement each other and create a unified design that will look amazing for years.

Create a Plan of Action

All too often, our customers experience indecisiveness with the designs they want to select. Whether they want mid-century modern aesthetics with clean, simple lines, or a breezy, coastal look that’s spacious, we can answer that and create a definitive plan incorporates all our customers wants and needs.

Become a Liaison

We work directly with a team of expert builders and architects, so you won’t have to find your own and struggle with prices and a direct vision. In addition, by collaborating with our own architects, important aspects of construction that depend on design, like the placement of outlets, won’t get overlooked.


In addition to our team of architects and builders, we have reliable contractors, plumbers, and electricians whom we trust ready for use. Take all of the guesswork and headaches away from dealing with an inexperienced vendor.

Trained Professionals

The most important factor our team can bring is expertise. We are trained in providing the wow-factor, creating a cohesive look and telling a story with your space. Your home should be a place you feel 100 percent like yourself in and is a direct representation of you.

If you are in Spokane Washington and are sick of having room-envy and pining over other people’s spaces, it’s time to take action. Contact us at Beautique Home for a consultation, and learn how we can transform your home into your dream space.



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