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Interior Design Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Interior Design in Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Growing a business is a hugely rewarding, if not daunting, task. Finding the perfect location and hiring the perfect staff requires lots of planning, and hiring an experienced interior designer is an investment that can help your business come to life. The design of your office is one of the most important factors in building a business, especially one that includes customer service. A 2014 study showed that the color and furniture in a business greatly influenced the customer’s perception of it. When planning the design and decorations for your business, there are key elements that can elevate your space and increase revenue.

interior design Coeur d'Alene Idaho

  • Color: Studies show that color greatly influences human emotion and behavior. For example, the color blue is often associated with creating a calm and centered space, while orange is associated with good values. Employing a designer who understands this psychology is invaluable to creating the right mood for your business.
  • Lighting: Natural lighting has been found to affect consumers’ psychological well-being and make the space in the room feel more open. Incorporating natural light into your design is incredibly important, and our team of designers at Beautique Home will use their expertise to replicate this open feeling with different techniques if your space doesn’t have as much natural lighting.
  • Cohesive design: Whether your business is a rustic restaurant with natural wood features or a whimsical boutique with bright teal cushions on the seats, your design tells your business’ story. By creating a cohesive, unified design, your story will be at the forefront of customer’s minds and instill trust, security, and confidence in your product.
  • Spacing: In stores, a free-form layout with open spacing encourages customers to peruse the aisles. Creating focal points without feeling cluttered improves the shopping experience for the consumer by adding a natural flow within the store.

By hiring a Boutique Home professional, you also benefit from:

  • Budgeting: Many first-time business and homeowners may have a design in mind, but don’t know where to properly allocate their money. They tend to overspend in some departments and skimp where it counts. With our team, we are experts at coming up with the best plan and applying your funds where it matters.
  • Coherence: Our designers are trained storytellers, and know what elements will work together to speak to your mission statement.
  • Ease of Mind: Working with numerous vendors from electricians to carpenters and everything in between can be beyond frustrating. Our network of architects, builders and vendors is already established and will take the guess-work out for you.
  • Standing Out: At the end of the day, making your business distinct and memorable from the rest will keep customers coming back for more.

Make your dream come alive with the help of Beautique Home. We have been working with businesses and homeowners in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area for over 14 years, and have the expertise to help your vision come to life. Call today to learn more.



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