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Bathroom Redesign in Washington State

Bathroom Design in Washington State

If you live in Washington State and need your bathroom redesigned, Beautique Home is the company for you. We offer a wide range of styles that are guaranteed to fit your preferences. From color schemes to furniture and appliances, Beautique Home reduces your need to travel to other stores to complete your redesign. With their affordable prices and eco-friendly materials, they can design your bathroom to be the best that it could be.

Washington State Bathroom Design

Beautique Home offers a wide range of bathroom designs, from modern and luxurious to more rustic and comfortable aesthetics. We can help with any color schemes and furniture as well as layout. We specialize in designing layouts to promote a positive mood. One example of this is rearranging the layout of your bathroom to create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. Specialists at Beautique Home will conduct an in-home consultation to gauge your personal tastes, which will aid us in creating a redesigned style that you would like. At Beautique, we utilize every space so you can access the bathroom’s full potential. From half baths to full bathrooms, we can redesign any type of bathroom to be aesthetically pleasing.

Interior Design Washington State

Why use Beautique Home?
Beautique Home’s materials are eco-friendly. The company also reduces it’s waste output to help sustain the natural beauty of the Washington State environment. We reduce emissions and strive to incorporate sustainable materials into our designs. We also offer upgrades to applicants to help reduce your footprint, as well as showers that help you save money on your bill through low-flow technology. Any new plumbing or electrical lines that may be implemented during the redesigning process will not be extensively intrusive or interrupt any existing plumbing or electrical lines. This reduces the risk of altering the current piping and electrical work.

Beautique Home can redesign your business’ bathrooms as well. Beautique Home can redesign your office bathrooms to provide both an effective and cozy atmosphere, allowing your employees and yourself enjoy the space when needed.

Bathroom Upgrades
Beautique Home also offers upgrades to your bathrooms. Some of our most popular upgrades include walk-in showers, higher toilets, and removable shower heads. Beautique Home also offers mood lighting, televisions or music sets built-in, and many more features to take your Washington State bathroom to the next level, making it more modern and high-tech. Another very popular upgrade is adding a soaking tub to give your bathroom a resort-like feeling.

If you live in Washington State and want your bathroom redesigned, call Beautique Home today to schedule a consultation. Our process is efficient and affordable, allowing you to redesign your bathroom, whether it be just one more multiple. We can design home bathrooms or business bathrooms. From luxurious to comfortable, Beautique Home has a wide range of styles that are geared to suit your taste.

If you would like to view our showroom or other visual aids in the Washington State area, please give us a call! Our professional staff looks forward to providing you with a beautiful new design for your home!



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